Data Append

A deeper knowledge of your customer’s lifestyle, interests and basic demographic insights will give you an unforeseen edge over your competition when creating future marketing campaigns

Demographic Portrait will help you have a deeper understanding of your clients and be able to create profiles of your best customers
Full Demographic data


Data Clip™ includes information such as purchase interests, social behavior, demographic data and financial information. Data Clip™ runs your data against billions of records with billions of real-life attributes.
Append 20 demographic attributes for one flat fee. Pay only for records that return data.
Estimated match 75%.

Demographic Attributes

Date of Birth                                 
Age Range                                    
Religious Affiliation                     
Social Presence Indicator
Marital Status                              
Single parent (Y/N)
Presence of Children                  
Number of children
Senior adult in household          
Young adult in household
Business Owner                          
Career women in household
Small office / Home office        
Occupation - Industry                 
Occupation - Detail

Financial and Household.
Get a deep insight into your customer’s financials so you can more accurate create and manage your marketing efforts.
Financial demographic data

Financial and Household Features

Data Clip™ Financial includes information such as estimated household income, home value and estimated wealth. Data Clip™ Financial runs your data against billions of records.

Append 16 demographic attributes for one flat fee.

Estimated match 85%.

Financial and Household Attributes

Estimated Household Income
Estimated Net Worth
Home Purchase Date
Estimated Home Purchase Price
Estimated Home Value
Dwelling Type
Length of Residence
Number of Credit Lines
Credit Card Holder
Upscale Card Holder
Gas Credit Card Holder
Auto Year                                            
Auto Make
Auto Model                                         
Auto Edition

Lifestyle and Interests.
Learn what your customers like or enjoy. Use to target specific behavior in future marketing campaigns.
Lifestyle demographic data

Lifestyle and Interests Features

Gain insight into your customer's interests, activities, purchase behavior and much more.
Append 28 demographic attributes for one flat fee. 60% Match

Lifestyle and Interests Attributes

Arts and Antiques                         
Hobbies and Crafts
Women’s Apparel
Film and Movies
Dieting and Wellness                   
Health and Beauty
Self Improvement                         
Online Education
Pet Owner
DIY Home Improvement             
DIY Auto work
Mail Order Buyer                           
Membership Clubs
Travel Spectator                           
Outdoor Sports
Investing Political Donor             
Charitable Donations