NCOA Link® or National Change of Address

Identify “Bad”, Change-of-address, Duplicates, Deceased records and clean your data before your next campaign

Standardizing is the best way to manage and increase the accuracy of your database and decrease the total mailing cost.

Maximize address quality, minimize mailing cost

The Address Standardization service verifies, corrects, and standardizes the addresses in your database against the USPS® database. The validation process identifies and corrects incomplete and inaccurate address elements; ensuring only complete contact data enters your database: current ZIP+4, Carrier Route and Delivery Point Codes. After your records are updated, they are standardized to meet USPS® Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) standards and a CASS Certificate is sent to you.


Our licensed software system can guarantee the precise handling of your databases.
Includes the following processing:
• CASS Certified™
• DPV® - finest level of validation, delivery point barcode
• LACSLink® - Locatable Address Conversion System (911)
• SuiteLink® - appends and corrects business suite data
• ZIP + 4®, CRRT, eLOT® and more: appends missing data

Optional Features

• County
• Congressional District
• LACS Flag

Address Abbreviation and Letter Casing change included .

Over 40 million Americans change their address annually, which creates formidable obstacles in maintaining a high-quality data.

What exactly is NCOALink®

The National Change Of Address or NCOA database contains the new addresses of businesses or individuals who have filed for “Change Of Address” with the USPS® within the last four years. 
Keep your mailing list current! Choose from 6 months up to 48 months in increments of one. Our licensed NCOALink® processing meets USPS® Move Update requirements for First-Class and Standard Mail® discounts.


Move Update Service includes Address Standardization
Your database will be outputted with the following:
• All original data 
• Full New Address
• Date Moved
• Move Type
• Move Code
• NCOALink® Footnote
• Full Move Update Summary Report


• Ensure delivery when reengaging past customers
• Prevent wasted mailing and missed opportunities

We strongly suggest to COMBINE with the duplicates deletion.

Extended Change Of Address

Extended Change Of Address or ECOA is a exclusive process that updates addresses using sources other than the USPS® NCOALink® data set, including magazine subscriptions, catalog houses, insurance and credit companies.
As a bonus we include updating incorrect or append missing apartment numbers FREE of charge.

Get the most out of your data

ECOA Service includes Address Standardization and NCOALink® Move Update.
Each record is processed through CASS Certified™
address correction and NCOALink® Move Update.
Then your data will be processed through our exclusive database to validate incomplete addresses, and find moves not find in the initial process.

Apartment Number Append

Service is included FREE of charge with our exclusive ECOA service. Appends residential unit numbers based on the submitted name and address. Complements the SuiteLink® processing, which appends unit numbers for businesses.


• With ECOA processing we can identify up to 20% more   moves up to 5 years old
• With all apartment and unit numbers appended, you will   further reduce undeliverable and misdirected mail

Just as important as capturing accurate address information, are the people in your database. 

Add any of these services to further improve your database.


Suppression Suite

Our sophisticated technology flags all records that match the “do-not-mail”, deceased person (last 3 years) and correctional facility & prisons.  
Manually review results or remove records automatically.
The suppression data for persons identified as deceased is derived from Social Security Administration (SSA) records, updated every 6 weeks. Persons previously listed as deceased will remain listed as such, unless the SSA identifies an error.

Suppression Suite Features

Identify and flags
• People in the “do-not-mail” registry of
• People identified as deceased in the past three years
• People in the system of over 10,000 correctional facilities

Merge (Combine) and Purge (De-Dupe)

Combine two or more database files together and accurately identify and eliminate duplicates while keeping the most complete record.

Suppress (Purge)

Send your suppression file (records which are not needed any longer in your list or for a specific campaign) and we will process against your main list to properly find and eliminate those records.

Duplicate Deletion

A simple duplicate deletion to enhance any of the address quality services chosen.