Predictive Analytics
& Data Modeling

Data Model™ from dataPro is a marketing intelligence platform that will give you insight about your customer database which will help increase your marketing response rate and ROI - return on investment

Access the Most
Comprehensive Property & Mortgage Data Available
Predictive analytics, full property report


Data Model™ Property returns detailed report on over 140 million properties in the U.S. Updated weekly. It’s easy to customize the property and mortgage data you want by owner information, property values, current sales, and more.

Benefits The ...

• Property Investors
• Mortgage & Renance Lenders
• Real Estate Professionals
• Insurance Agents 
• Developers
• Risk Management Professionals
• Product & Service Providers

Main Data Elements

• Parcel Information (Tax Code Area; Zoning; etc.)
• Subdivision Information
• Property Address Information
• Owner Information (Name and phone)
• Owner Mail Address Information
• Values Information (Appraised Land, Value, Improvement)
• Current Sale Information (Recording; Sale Date/Price, etc)
• Current Trust Deed Information (Mortgage, Lender)
• Prior Sale Information
• Lot / Land Information (Footage; Lot and Acreage)
• Square Footage Information (Building; Living; Ground, etc.)
• Building (Year Built; Bedrooms/Baths, Parking; Pool, etc.)

Know your customers better to find the Best Prospects ......


Predictive analytics, data profling


Data Boost™ Profile is a marketing intelligence platform that provides campaign audience building and profile reporting. Through regression analysis the platform will compare your data to over 250 million individuals with 750 demographic and behavioral attributes and create comprehensive detailed report.


Get a deeper insight of your existing customers for a
• Better campaign results
• Better customer retention
• Get in-front of your competition

How It Works

1. Matching the names and addresses in a your database against data provided by the major compilers. We append a multitude of Consumer demographic as well as behavioral information and see how the uploaded list compares.
2. The sophisticated platform checks not only the statistical relevance of individual demographic and behavioral information but the occurrences of multiple conditions.
3. Report is created. Determine your future prospects.

Data Model™ Score will provide insight about your customer base on a completely different level

Predictive analytics, data score model


Data Model™ Score service will assign a score to each of your records. The score is number between 0 and 100 which will represents the probability of that lead to behave in the respective matter, where the higher the score the higher the probability.

Ready Models

Wealth - Measure of wealth
• Green - Propensity to be environmentally aware
• Giving - Propensity to give charitable donations
• Auto Buyer - Propensity and ability to finance a vehicle

How It Works

After you upload your data, each record will be assigned the score you requested.
Example: You are a non-profit organization and need to know which of your members or people in your database are more likely to become contributors. After the score is assigned using the “Giving” model, you can analyze and decide the score range you are going to use in your upcoming campaign.

Custom Models

Please contact us if you need a model created specifically for your customers and with your choice of attributes. Convert any data into high-value leads.